$225/hour (1 hour minimum)

ISDN Patch (originate): 
Studio + $300/hour

ISDN Patch (non-orig): 
Studio + $150/hour

Phone patch: 

Stock Music (Standard Libraries)

$300 (local); $400 (regional); $1000 (national)

$250 (local); $300 (regional); $750 (national)

Non-Broadcast (no Internet):

Non-Broadcast + Internet:

**Regional use is 4-20 markets (no majors)
***Network clearance - call for quote
****Premium or non-standard libraries rates vary

Additional Fees

Sound Effects:
$30 each (max 10 per spot/show)

Data Catalog & Storage:
$50 – $100 (charge dependent on file size)

Conversion & Delivery of Digital Data:

Audio CD: 
$10 (call for quantity discounts)

Data CD/DVD:

Shipping for hard copies is extra.
Everything but audio for TV is taxable.
If you are tax exempt, we must have a current ST-3 form from you on file.

Cancellation Policy

Unused, confirmed studio time will be billed if cancelled within 24 hours.

Data Policy

We are not responsible for data stored at Audio Ruckus.
We take great precautions to keep your data safe.
We will attempt to return your data to you after approximately two years.

Please don't hesitate to ask us questions! Thanks for your cooperation!