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Doug Dixon

Doug was the owner of Cookhouse from 1995 to 2007 before he merged his studio with Voiceworks to form Audio Ruckus. He has won numerous awards for his audio engineering and has been doing sessions for longer than he'll admit. He does admit that being a partner in a small business like Audio Ruckus is a challenge that he loves. 

Karen Quale

Karen has held the title of recording engineer for some time and recently added 'owner' to her resume. Whether it's slicing and dicing SFX for a :30 spot or producing a script that comes through the door via forklift, she shows no fear. 

Mike Stalcar

Mike is an award winning engineer with the tools to pull off any project you throw at him. He has years of experience and is known for his excellent direction of voice talent. Mike is also a huge NFL fan, so don't be surprised if you hear about the previous week's action during your session!

Jim Schnobrich

Jim has over 10 years of experience with projects ranging from radio and TV commercials to corporate videos to dialog recording for Academy Award nominated films. He has the ears and technical abilities to make any project shine. Plus, he's pretty nice to talk to as well. 

Heather Zacho

Heather started her career right here at Audio Ruckus. She got her AAS degree in Audio Engineering at Hennepin Technical College. As Studio Coordinator, Heather does a little bit of everything. With her lively energy and charismatic smile, she can help you with whatever you need.